Mayor Jarrel Signed the Proclamation Janice Jarrel signed the proclamation during Independence Week to buy local and for the community to support business owners on the digital platform


Connection with Breathitt County

Impact deep learned about Breathitt County’s history and the hardships in the time of coal depletion. The team introduced the SOLOMO campaign and the importance of buying local in communities to provide a different type of sustainability  rather than to rely on coal.  During our time, we visited over 12 businesses in Jackson, also, contacted the Mayor Rose Wolfe, Chief of the fire department Roger Friley, Dan McIntyre President of Chamber of Commerce, and Karen Bunn, and Berea Alumni David Kash. All of these people and many  more welcomed and guided us  during our time.

We learned that many of the businesses were located in downtown Jackson many years ago, now there are more commercial businesses; they moved everything on the strip, where everything is located on one main street. One place the team kept visiting was Rose Bros; it is a mini department store which carried clothes, shoes, home décor, and much more. We met the owner Phyllis Rose; a  respectable woman that serves your customers’ needs. She discussed the social aspect of the community affect due to the lack of money. There has been increase of theft and drug usage and has really affected the community. However, she remained hopeful that things will turn around for the better.

In result for the problems, Karen Bunn, director of United Methodist Mission and a member of the drug court team. She expressed her passion to serve  the community dearly. She thought the drug court team would be an effective way for people in the area to restart their lives after drug abuse. She was interested about bringing the digital platform to each opportunity store throughout eastern Kentucky. The stores operate on clothing donations, each store sells the clothing to the community. I would definitely say that this place is a county asset because it provides service to people in need.

During our time in Jackson, our team presented the SOLOMO campaign to the city council meeting.  Also, Mayor Rose signed the proclamation and put in the Jackson Times newspaper. We expressed the importance of supporting local businesses and for them to collaborate as one.

One thing my team noticed that businesses would carry business cards from people that worked in their homes. This showed the support of others, which is important to build the strong community.

Even though Breathitt County is having a difficult time economic and socially, they have strong leaders to support them throughout this difficult time.

Our Adventure in Knott County!

For the past three weeks, IMPACTDEEP was set out to with a mission in Knott and Breathitt County to learn about the local businesses, ultimately to invite them to SOLOMO workshop in Hazard, Kentucky on Monday July 1. The team was unaware of the economic status, history, and challenges that were a head in the KRADD region. Economics trouble has fallen on the counties due to the lack of coal severance tax, because of the declining of the coal industry, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency has held up permits of surface mines due to the potential damage of water and air quality.

 In Knott County, families are struggles to obtain sustainability because a high percentage of citizens were employed by the mines. Local business owners are closing down because people do not have extra cash to spend.

When talking to local business owners, the group understood their passion for  the local communities and the desire to be entrepreneurs. We learned more than 50  % of business owners use the advertise strategies “word of mouth” to attract more locals for their business, and or the number of years in business built their  reputation. The area had several of aging generation owners, which means in years to come the area would need more young entrepreneurs to bring in more revenue and to have a social change.

One young entrepreneur, Elzwley Pigmon, director of tourism, economic development, and Knott count sports complex, was very nice and helpful to learn about Knott County.  On Chestnut Mountain, the county had very big plans for the flat land that was mine site to bring a residential community, however, the dependence on coal has slowed down the plans. Entrepuship for the public good understands the dynamics of being a leader in the local communities. The group helped the business owners understand the importance of having a presence on the digital platform. Benefits of social media are connecting with customers and tourists by servicing them and etc.

 Knott County has numerous of attractions for tourists, so this lead to IMPACT DEEP to take a day to become tourist in Knott County to explore the assets. Those assets includes: ATV’s trails, 2 annually horse trails,  Peaceful hill cabin, Knott county sport complex, and Saddle up Elk Tours, Carr creek lake.

During our time in Knott County the group contacted over twenty businesses in hopes for their presence at our workshop. We presented a SOLOMO presentation to the Knott County chamber of Commerce, Impact deep thoroughly explain the importance to honor local businesses, by intensifying capital through social media and request Major Janice Jarrel to sign a proclamation to declare independent business week for Hindman, Kentucky. The purpose of the proclamation is honor local businesses and to push people to review their local establishments on social media.