Yelp! Unlock Your Business Account!

Yelp is a directory used by local customers and tourists to find attractions, restaurants, and hotels. This particular video is for local business owners to unlock their accounts to be able to respond to reviews by customers and reap the other benefits. Business owners, the verification process is anyway from 3 to 5 days. Yelp will call you to verify your business and follow the directions through email from that point on.


Student Crafts Video Interview

Impact Deep has been working with small business owners at College Square in Berea, Kentucky. We introduced them to the digital platform and invited them to our first social media workshop which occurred on June 4, 2013. Following this workshop, our group went out and interviewed some of the employees and business owners. We asked them about how they operate, plan to operate and their feedback on the social media workshop.

Many of these interviews revealed opportunities for improvement, including providing breaks during the workshop. Providing breaks would allow business owners and employees to have time to absorb what they have learned during the workshop and finish up on any work that they have not been able to accomplish.

Social Local Mobile Workshop


Advocating Change through SOLOMO Workshop in Berea, Kentucky

On June 4, 2013, the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Cohort 10 was prepared to facilitate local business owners in the area of Berea. The main purpose for the Social-Local-Mobile workshop was to teach the owners the need for their businesses to be on a digital platform. Social media allows accessibility to customers in the local area and tourists about businesses.

A Berea College alumnus and owner of Gladiator Law Marketing Firm, Lisa Vaughn, was the main facilitator of the event.  She did a phenomenal job on the presentation which revealed the amount of revenue the business would gain if they were to use Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Plus, and Pinterest.  Small businesses found value in face to face relationships; however, the workshop was the opportunity for businesses to realize that they can bond with clients over social media, such as Facebook, which is great for conversations.

During the workshop, 21 businesses were taught the basics of the each social media site to draw in more revenue for their businesses to automatically benefit the local community of Berea. IMPACTDEEP had the pleasure to be designated College Square, located in the heart of Berea College. The team has gained great appreciation for the local businesses in College Square, because of the knowledge of the business’s history and personal connections made.